Running away bravely and keeping your dignity

 2017-01-16 02:53 PM by

Fishing for grunter on the Breede can be fickle, as has been proven on my last two visits. Firstly the grunter were 'coming up short' on the fly and then according to the locals, the water was too clean. Nonetheless, I will be back in a week or so to give it another go.

The sun had just hit the water, and I was standing knee deep in the water, which usually means 'more than ankle deep' in the mud, that I finally spotted a plume of mud, indicating a feeding grunter.
It was well past my casting range, so i ventured into deeper water to get closer. Yes, even beyond that level where the cold water seeps up into your jocks and causes a sharp involuntary intake of breath, making the dawn air seem so much colder.

Venturing to about waist deep (knee deep in the mud) I was about to cast when...
...right under my nose I saw a plume of mud.
While I was contemplating how in the name of the fish god I was going to cast to fish half a rod length away, when I noticed something strange.
This mud plume was moving against the current!

It kept moving, and kept moving, and a brief estimation in the primitive part of my brain said that this mud plume was longer than my height, and most likely had its origins in the Zambezi.
The primitive part of my brain also said run, while my adrenal glands pumped a bit of juice to assist it. But the rational part of my brain stopped it, because if it had its way, there would be a lot of shouting and splashing, and given that my feet were in the mud, would likely result in my being completely submerged during flight mode.

Thus the tale of the guy rushing and splashing and screaming and falling and swearing, while throwing babies behind him did not happen.
Instead, a calm, dignified and very brave (if I may say so) retreat was effected.