Lakenvlei Bassacre

 2017-11-06 09:42 AM by

lakenvlei largemouth bass and smallmouth bass

By now most people are aware that somehow bass got into the dam. Whether it was an intentional or accidental stocking is unknown.
Having retrieved my goodies, I took a drift up to the main inlet and managed to lose quite a few trout on the way.
Bending a rock-bent hook straight again does not work.
Anchoring up at the inlet I proceeded to catch bass after bass after bass. No Trout.

Eventually, after 34 bass I caught a trout. What a relief, but the ratio did not look good.
The bass (smallmouth and largemouth) seemed to have congregated in the warm shallow weedbeds, and were primed to spawn, despite being so small.
My son Isaac joined me towards the end and made out total bass bag 42.

We left the bass overnight on the shore next to the hut for the otters, which had eaten at least 30 by the next morning.

If you do go out there, please spend some time removing bass at the inlet. We will never get rid of them completely, but can keep the numbers down, as they are competing with trout for the same food.

If anyone knows where we can buy some big browns, please let me know.