Clanwilliam Yellowfish close to Cape Town

 2019-04-01 02:10 PM by

A serendipidous meeting with a farmer in the shop led to me dragging my family to the upper Oliphants river in the heat of December.
He has accommodation on the upper Oliphants in various forms, campsites, forest camps and farmhouses.
Best of all, he has two nice dams stocked with clanwilliam yellowfish, as well as pristine stream containing 9 indigenous fish species.

The question of where someone could target these fish is often asked in the shop, and my answer is usually vague,
as reliable spots are either hard to get access to or even harder to get to.
Now we have a potential fishery only 2.5 hours from Cape Town on reasonable roads.

clanwilliam yellowfish

We chose to stay at Tree Top Cottages which has wooden cottages on stilts connected by walkways,
and is situated in a mature black poplar forest. Thus even in the heat of midsummer, the cottages are cool, and if you feel a little hot
you can jump into the river. And if it is cold, the hot baths are just down the road.
(Note that you need to book a day in advance for day visits to the springs)

Gerrit (the farmer) gave me a tour of the dams and river and we had a chance to briefly fish them.
How fishing access will work still has to be decided, but I will let you know via this newsletter as soon as there is news.

upstream fly fishing
My first clanwilliam yellow.

clanwilliam yellowfish
The stream is a tributary of the Olifants, and is clear of alien fish.
A wier has been put up by Cape Nature to prevent them moving upstream, as the Olifants is full of smallmouth bass (as well as some monster clanwilliam yellows).