Avoid Lockdown Boredom

Things to do for fly fisherpersons

 2020-03-31 09:42 AM by
Avoid Lockdown Boredom

With so much time on my hands I have gone through my kit and sorted it all out.
This is something you can use to pass time and get yourself ready for your next fishing session.

1. For the washing machine
Chuck in your fly fishing vest, rod socks and reel bags. Vests can get quite grubby, don't forget to empty it out properly

2. Clean
Boots, waders, fly box exteriors, rod tubes
rods (wax the ferrules, userag rubber / eraser to clean the cork),
Fly lines - Clean with a rag and some mild soap (use very little). You will be surprised how dirty they get. If you have a Rio or Loon product to apply, do so.
Reels, wipe down with same soap, make sure you clear any grit, then lube the necessary parts if you can.

Check your tackle for for items that may need maintenance or repairs and put aside.
Check that your tapered leaders are in good nick, and replace if necessary.
Make a list of things you need for when you can shop again

4. Sort
Re-arrange your flies and boxes. Toss out rusty and tatty flies, and the ones you know you will never use.
Consider selling, tossing, repurposing or donating items you havent used for years. The stuff can really pile up.
Repack eveything that has been cleaned in an orderly manner so that everything is easy to find and access.

When done, sit down and have a well earned drink. If you have any...

For the Fly Tyers, this is a geat time to really sort and categorise you materials and tools using the above as guidelines
Ziplock bags are really good for sorting things out if you don't have a dedicated space or fancy drawers or boxes.

Stay safe, and if you have to go out, wear a mask, even a home made one of tight woven cotton under a buff.
The Czechs have set a good example with this. It is about NOT spreading as well as NOT catching the virus

Yours in Isolation